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Got Storm Damage? We Can Help!

Got Storm Damage? We Can Help!

Storm Damage can happen at any time and cause a large amount of damage to your home. Heavy rains often cause flooding and strong winds can cause damage to a roof and trees on your property. Health hazards and safety concerns can also result from post-storm damage, so having a plan to deal with any damages you incur will help you be prepared for action after the storm.

Safety Precautions

Powerful winds and rain can create numerous physical hazards such as weakened or even collapsed roofing materials, loose shingles or roofing tiles, standing water in your home, and damage to windows and walls. Additionally, this moisture can seep into furniture, carpeting, drywall, and building materials which creates a perfect environment for mold formation that can cause health problems. Shut off your main gas line immediately if you smell gas. Be careful of any broken glass, nails, or other sharp objects that may be left on your property. Call a reputable restoration company to help secure the property and make it safe again.

Photograph the Damage

If you can move around your property safely, take pictures with a camera or cellphone to completely document all of the damages for your insurance provider. Doing this will help to ensure you receive a full compensation.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Call your insurance agent to alert them about any damages to your home immediately. An adjustor will come to your home and determine the amount of the damage so the repairs can be paid for.

Check Out Federal Disaster Assistance

Your location may be declared a disaster area by the federal government, and eligible for affordable loans to assist in the restoration of your property. You must file documents to receive these types of loans, go to www.disasterassistance.gov for more information.

When a disaster strikes that is storm-related, it can be quite overwhelming, but with these steps you can begin the task of restoring your home, and life, back to normal. Call us today for a free evaluation, at (239) 232-2474.